A Log Home Assembled In Less Time

A home show on log cabins showed me just how wonderful they are and I wanted to have one of my own. There was a problem that was holding me back from having the home of my dreams, and that was money. I had nowhere near enough money to build a custom log home from scratch. In the time it would have taken me to save that much money and actually have the home built, I would have become an old man. Instead, I opted for a cheaper option that would give me the same satisfaction.

Kit log homes are available for purchase and cut out a lot of the time of building a log home. That’s because the homes are made with parts that are cut in advanced and designed to fit perfectly together. In a way, it’s like those Lincoln Logs that people used to play with as a child. The interior portions, like plumbing and heating, aren’t included and still have to be added for most kits, but this isn’t much of a problem.

I’m quite satisfied with the way my log home looks. It’s not the biggest home on the block, but it certainly looks like the nicest one.