Log Cabin Trends For 2017

Today’s log homes are nothing like Abe Lincoln’s log cabin. Log home architecture has come along way, and every year there are new popular trends to replace those of the year before. In 2017, one of the trends is stone.

That’s right, in a home designed primarily of wood, log cabin owners are accessorizing their homes with stones such as slate or ceramic tile that mimics the appearance of slate. It is especially popular for log home owners who are adding outdoor kitchen areas to their homes.

Taking advantage of eco-friendly product lines is also a popular trend for 2017. Log home owners tend to be people who love and appreciate the outdoors and have a vested interest in protecting the environment.

Due to advancements in environmentally sound technology, log home owners today are able to incorporate eco-friendly options easier than in the past. One such option is solar energy. Solar technology has had major advancements over the years, and is now a much more viable energy providing source than in the past, and new log cabin owners are taking advantage of it.

Log homes are a trendy yet popular home design option that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As a result, you can count on the home improvement and home a manufacturing industry to keep developing new trends designed to make log homes an attractive option over the years to come.