Looking At Home Building Trends

When people think of log homes, they may imagine the cabins that were built hundreds of years ago. However, log homes haven’t gone away. As a matter of fact, they’ve become trendy over the last few years.

Of course, the homes that are being built today look very different from the cabins that were built in the past. A lot of these homes are very large, and plenty of them are equipped with modern amenities. They may have a rustic vibe, but that doesn’t mean that these cabins are old-fashioned.

A number of accomplished architects have been designing log homes. Some of these homes are stunning in appearance. In fact, a few of these properties have appeared in blogs or magazines. This is one of the reasons that log homes have been increasing in popularity. We can look at custom home builder firms and see that there is a trend toward the extremes – larger and more spacious, vs. the “tiny homes” and log cabin homes.

If you’re interested in building a log home, you should know that it isn’t always easy to construct homes like this. You can’t just chop down some trees and build something from those logs. You’ll have to work with expert contractors in order to bring your vision to life.

With that said, you shouldn’t give up on your dream. Try to learn more about log homes and what they offer.

A Log Home Assembled In Less Time

A home show on log cabins showed me just how wonderful they are and I wanted to have one of my own. There was a problem that was holding me back from having the home of my dreams, and that was money. I had nowhere near enough money to build a custom log home from scratch. In the time it would have taken me to save that much money and actually have the home built, I would have become an old man. Instead, I opted for a cheaper option that would give me the same satisfaction.

Kit log homes are available for purchase and cut out a lot of the time of building a log home. That’s because the homes are made with parts that are cut in advanced and designed to fit perfectly together. In a way, it’s like those Lincoln Logs that people used to play with as a child. The interior portions, like plumbing and heating, aren’t included and still have to be added for most kits, but this isn’t much of a problem.

I’m quite satisfied with the way my log home looks. It’s not the biggest home on the block, but it certainly looks like the nicest one.

Log Cabin Trends For 2017

Today’s log homes are nothing like Abe Lincoln’s log cabin. Log home architecture has come along way, and every year there are new popular trends to replace those of the year before. In 2017, one of the trends is stone.

That’s right, in a home designed primarily of wood, log cabin owners are accessorizing their homes with stones such as slate or ceramic tile that mimics the appearance of slate. It is especially popular for log home owners who are adding outdoor kitchen areas to their homes.

Taking advantage of eco-friendly product lines is also a popular trend for 2017. Log home owners tend to be people who love and appreciate the outdoors and have a vested interest in protecting the environment.

Due to advancements in environmentally sound technology, log home owners today are able to incorporate eco-friendly options easier than in the past. One such option is solar energy. Solar technology has had major advancements over the years, and is now a much more viable energy providing source than in the past, and new log cabin owners are taking advantage of it.

Log homes are a trendy yet popular home design option that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As a result, you can count on the home improvement and home a manufacturing industry to keep developing new trends designed to make log homes an attractive option over the years to come.

Hello and Welcome!!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my new blog. My name is Frank and I’ve always loved the appeal of log homes. I’ve been thinking of starting my own log home building company, and every good idea needs a start, so here we go. I intend to inform you, the reader, about the advantages of log homes, and in doing so, clarify my own vision.

I used to think that log homes were just a relic of the past that people did in olden times when they were settlers on the new frontier. It wasn’t until one of my friends decided to have one built that I realized that these homes are actually still popular. The homes have a certain rustic appeal in the way the logs are arranged. It’s something that you just don’t find in homes with bricks or siding.

I was a little bit jealous of my friend for having the home built. This fueled my desire to get a log home of my own constructed. About an hour from my home, there was a bit of land that I owned that would make the perfect spot for a log home. I contacted a contractor and began making preparations for the home. I wanted it to look like a log home, while having all of the comforts of any modern home, plus a little extra.

There’s something satisfying about being involved in the development process of your home. The log construction of the home has the dual advantage of being both sturdy and beautiful. I live there so much that I’m starting to stay there more than in my other home.

A log home is one of the best types of dwellings that you can live in. A log home is energy-efficient and will last almost forever. If you ever have an opportunity to travel throughout the United States or Canada you will see many log homes that are over 100 years old. These masterpieces of construction are still standing and providing a residence for happy homeowners.

A log home is normally built in a country or wilderness setting. The reason for this is because the appearance of a log home ties in beautifully with a natural environment. There are many excellent companies who can provide you with the perfect log home for your family. Log homes are similar to regular homes when it comes to choosing a floor plan.

There are many log homes being built today because people are tired of living in the city and dealing with all of the stress that city life produces. People are cashing in their city assets and moving out to wilderness areas where life is more enjoyable and stress-free. If this type of a lifestyle appeals to you then you should consider building your own log home.